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We have added two new features to the VIRA FINANCE application.  These features deal with the Power of Intentionality, and with Prestige Points.

Ok, I will grant that Intentionality is a word associated with cognitive sciences, psychology and also with the philosopher Edmund Husserl.  But I thought it had a nice ring to it.  But what we are dealing with here is with the sharing of users’ intentions to buy or sell stock, not with the science of phenomenology or the birth of consciousness.

Here is a question for you:  Have you ever hoped that you were able to invest -and test your knowledge- in a different stock, different to those you own now?  Yes, imagine if we could test the probabilities and learn from that exercise, and that we could do it over and over.  And also without risking your hard earned cash!

Enter the feature – Share Intentions.  This is a simple feature that allows user to share on social media (Ok…you don’t have to share it out if you are shy, but we encourage you to do so – put it where your mouth is sort of speak)  So VIRA will allow users to share if they are ‘Thinking on Buying’ or ‘Thinking of Selling’ a particular stock.

‘So, What is the relevance of this?’ – some may ask.  Well, by sharing the intention (to buy or sell)  VIRA will then note the date and price of that stock, and then calculate Prestige Points based on how well was that market prediction.

The more points, the better the user to predict the market.  That simple.

I will place a separate post to explain the details behind the Prestige Points calculations.


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