The 10 principles for a Black Swan proof world

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This post is about ten principles brought in by an author, professor and trader called Nassim Nicholas Taleb.  Back in 2009 thereabouts he wrote a book called The Black Swan: The impact of the highly improbable.  And here are the summaries of the 10 principles he cogitated.  I think they still hold a lot of value… Read more »

Vira world report

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    This is the world map of Vira at the start of 2014.  Much has happened since the launch of the app.  We have already released one upgrade, and there is another one to be released very soon.  We can see that Europe is starting to get visibility which is great news. The new… Read more »

All the best for 2014 from Vira!

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Happy new year!  After a little holiday for Xmas and New Year we are back, recharged and ready for 2014. Once an app is put out there it is immediately in this continuous process of improvement and testing.  The new year brought a kind of black-out in Vira for a couple of days on the… Read more »