Newspaper article in El Norte in Mexico

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This article was published in El Norte newspaper in Mexico, and of course it is in Spanish… so trust me when I say it is about us.  The newspaper is from my hometown in Monterrey, and it is more about one of their own Regios (as they call people from Monterrey) being out and about… Read more »

Vira world report

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And now, here are the countries that are downloading Vira Finance.  I hope I don’t have to go back and un-post this post next year due to a shameful failure in growth.  But hey! it is close to Xmas and all is rosy so far.  So here is the world according to Vira. Thanks to… Read more »

Vira Blog in Flipboard

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I just got a Christmas present.  I know it is not Xmas yet but I couldn’t help it and I am using my new Samsung GalaxyTab3 (no, I don’t get endorsements from Samsung… I wish).  It was not all cheating since we had to transfer things from my previous GalaxyTab to this one, and get… Read more »

The Vira Finance instructions video is ready!

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Finally, after much review, the full instructional video is ready!  The video can be found here in the blog and it will give you an explanation of all the functionality of the application, and also some beginners’ information on how to read the graphical output.  We trust that you will find it very useful when… Read more »