Viracocha Whitepaper

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Here at Viracocha, we are about creating technical analysis tools to help with the reduction of risk, and hopefully better trading decisions. Our main differentiation from other tools (yes, we know they are a-plenty) is that we give importance to the Volume of transactions, as opposed to looking only at Price, or Close Price. Here… Read more »

About Abdel

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Abdel has worked in many industries applying statistical methodologies to the analysis and improvement of their business processes. It is through this experience that he started to develop the VIRA analysis tool. After extensive testing with historical data, and then with real money in the real market it was clear that they were on to… Read more »

About this blog

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Hello, welcome to the blog space for VIRA.  VIRA is a financial application released by Viracocha Enterprises Pty Ltd, we are an Australian company dedicated to research and technology development for the financial markets.  This blog is for the benefit of VIRA users and in here we will discuss the applications and uses of this… Read more »

On noise and volume and why it is important

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In the world of technical analysis, tools are aplenty and strategies are sacred!  When trying to introduce a different approach one is immediately confronted with a defensive, quasi violent opposition.  It seems than any new perspective is interpreted as an attack on a particular investor’s strategy.  So it is important to say this – “Whatever… Read more »