Three amigos, or Gimmie proof!

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A friend has asked the quintessential question again.  Which is actually a good thing don’t get us wrong.  We love to dive into new data and discuss the uses and abuses of financial tech tools.  So here we go.  By the way, the quintessential question is:  ‘How do I know that your Vira stuff is… Read more »

Viracocha Whitepaper

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Here at Viracocha, we are about creating technical analysis tools to help with the reduction of risk, and hopefully better trading decisions. Our main differentiation from other tools (yes, we know they are a-plenty) is that we give importance to the Volume of transactions, as opposed to looking only at Price, or Close Price. Here… Read more »

New Feature – The power of Intentions

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We have added two new features to the VIRA FINANCE application.  These features deal with the Power of Intentionality, and with Prestige Points. Ok, I will grant that Intentionality is a word associated with cognitive sciences, psychology and also with the philosopher Edmund Husserl.  But I thought it had a nice ring to it.  But… Read more »

New Feature – The Prestige

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We have been extremely busy here at Viracocha adding two new features to the application.  These have to do with sharing the intentions of users and with prestige points. This post gives the details behind how points are calculated.  The idea, in general, is to have a bit of fun and also learn from our… Read more »

India Sensex Dhoom – 2006

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You have to be amazed at the size and passion of the Bollywood film industry.  It churns an incredible amount of work every year, and you have to admit that their movie stars are just stunning – I am talking about the female ones but take your pick. we don’t discriminate here at Viracocha -…. Read more »

DotCom bubble. From Destiny’s Child to Santana

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Back in 2000, after the Y2K scam had been cosumated and we all knew that computers were not going to start destroying everything something happened in the technology world – known as the Dot Com burst.  I don’t think it is related to Y2K but the bubble burst was in reality what everybody thought the… Read more »

The crazy ride, and Apple

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Hi, We have experienced some really crazy data behaviour over the past three weeks or so.  Some of the shares, specially the Australian ones, were showing data that was just off.  We were monitoring this closely and did testing on our end, but it was the raw data coming from our source.  And then, after… Read more »

Stat test part 2. The upside potential

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Ok, lets re-visit the subject of the statistical proof ‘or tests’ that we did when developing our method.  Like I have mentioned before, I am sometimes asked to provide proof of the certainty of Viracocha.  Well I don’t possess a crystal ball, and I am prepared to argue that nobody else does.  But what we… Read more »