Lessons learned from a failed start-up

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The year is coming to a close. I probably am doing this too late. But hanging on to things is in our nature I guess. Our app launched in October 2013, and we were in development for over a year before that. So it will be about 6 years for the whole adventure from begging… Read more »

Vira Finance – New release for US markets

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We have released the Vira Fiance update in Android. The app is now getting the historical data for US markets. Unfortunately we have not been able to get all the other markets to the deadline for this release. We are placing this one out now and we will get back to work on sources. If… Read more »

The ichart fix

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Please find the download here Vira fix download Some instructions 1. Download the zip folder 2. Extract to the C drive, so you will have a ViraApp folder in C 3. Run the application ‘the one with our Viracocha logo’ from the ViraApp folder 4. It will then show a simple window where you can… Read more »

Viracocha app re-design

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We have been working with design firm UX Fix to have a face lift of our Vira Finance app. The re-design came after user feedback and also internal improvements we wanted to achieve. It looks like our Android version will probably be the first one out there.  We will keep you in the loop. Ux… Read more »

Three amigos, or Gimmie proof!

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A friend has asked the quintessential question again.  Which is actually a good thing don’t get us wrong.  We love to dive into new data and discuss the uses and abuses of financial tech tools.  So here we go.  By the way, the quintessential question is:  ‘How do I know that your Vira stuff is… Read more »

New Feature – The power of Intentions

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We have added two new features to the VIRA FINANCE application.  These features deal with the Power of Intentionality, and with Prestige Points. Ok, I will grant that Intentionality is a word associated with cognitive sciences, psychology and also with the philosopher Edmund Husserl.  But I thought it had a nice ring to it.  But… Read more »

New Feature – The Prestige

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We have been extremely busy here at Viracocha adding two new features to the application.  These have to do with sharing the intentions of users and with prestige points. This post gives the details behind how points are calculated.  The idea, in general, is to have a bit of fun and also learn from our… Read more »

Vira Finance 1.4.0 – New release for iPad is ready!

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We have released our iPad version this week!  It took us a bit to get it together but it is out and ready now.  We have also been very busy doing research and design on some new features of ‘gamification’ (yes that is a word that people use). So more on that later.  

The swap

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  This is kind of a rant.  But it is one that is justified, I think.  Over the past two weeks we have been doing lots of swapping, switching and modifying.  Our website had to move hosts for a number of reasons.  And we embarked in one of the most convoluted exercises that I would’ve… Read more »

Vira for Android

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And we are out!  Today has been the release of Vira Finance for Android.  It has been a long journey to get here.  Up to this point we had been an iOS only application.  But now things have scaled.  We are also working on a suite of new features that we think will really complement… Read more »