Vira Finance instructions video

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This video is a full detailed instructional walk through.  In less than three minutes you will have an explanation of the app’s functionality and also some information on how to read the graphical output of Vira.

Part 3. Market crash of July 2011. S&P analysis

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After people have seen our website and Intro video; one of the first things that they ask for is “Real life example”.  They want to see the app applied to a real share and have it working and see the signals, etc.  Well, the main reason that we decided not to do that in our… Read more »

We are HotCopper!

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Today we made our day-view in HotCopper.  We are all very excited to see our banner there. HotCopper is the largest Australian share community site.

Part 2. More on genie lamps

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We discussed in an earlier post the four main scenarios that one can see as extreme situations in VIRA.  We can call them 1 through 4 or maybe if we look at it in (Volume, Price) terms then they will be (Low, High), (High, Low), (Low, Low), (High, High).  As far as graphical representations go… Read more »

Article in Uni magazine

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Article in University Magazine Well this one is in Spanish, so sorry for the language jump!  This one was published in the internal online magazine of the ITESM (Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey).  I did my Masters there and also some Specialisation in Economics and Finance at their business school EGADE (Escuela… Read more »

On our image – You have to be serious

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With my constant communication effort with the release of VIRA I have come across comments from some of my colleagues that our image doesnt look ‘serious’ enough.  Well if by that they mean that our app is sitting in the middle of a jungle and there are birds flying around then I guess it could… Read more »

We made the newspapers!

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Here is an article published in the South Western Times about the release of our app.  I am sorry that it had to be my mug in the picture, but there was nobody else around.  The article gave a good summary of the intent of the app.  It is really for the regular ‘mortal’ trader… Read more »

About Abdel

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Abdel has worked in many industries applying statistical methodologies to the analysis and improvement of their business processes. It is through this experience that he started to develop the VIRA analysis tool. After extensive testing with historical data, and then with real money in the real market it was clear that they were on to… Read more »

About this blog

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Hello, welcome to the blog space for VIRA.  VIRA is a financial application released by Viracocha Enterprises Pty Ltd, we are an Australian company dedicated to research and technology development for the financial markets.  This blog is for the benefit of VIRA users and in here we will discuss the applications and uses of this… Read more »