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Haloween Review

We have a Halloween review this week.  It appeared on the  ‘What is on iPhone’ website.  I am transcribing it as it appears in the link.

Vira Finance Review – A compass for your exploration of day trading

Not everything on the App Store are games and Flappy Bird clones. For a lot of people, their iPhones and iPads are a fundamental tool for their jobs and side ventures. Vira Finance is one such tool, probably one of the niftiest in the toolrack of an investment afficionado.

To give you a glimpse of the power of Vira Finance, instead of just writing a lot of nonsense, please watch this descriptive video by the developers. If an image is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Why repeat myself? This is an introduction video, at the end of this review I’m adding the in-depth features video just in case you are hungry for more.

Now, how does Vira Finance really feel? Well, it is a slick little app (by little I also mean it’s iPhone only, and still not updated for the larger iPhones, but I guess this is coming, in any case it works perfectly even on iPads) fast and responsive. The quality of the data seems to be good (data is fresh and accessible), and its own Vira index (a proprietary measure of stock volatility, you’ll only find it here, and in their website they blog about how to use it and the technical details about it so you can harness all its power) is great for making better decisions. You’ll have all the data you need on your fingertips, enabling you to make a qualified decision about buying or selling (as long as you know what you are doing!)

Of course, before diving into the darkness of investing, you need to learn a lot, and only then get a good flashlight to illuminate your path. Vira Finance is such a flashlight: a great app you can even try for free. I can definitely recommend it to fellow part-time investors.

Quick Take

Value:     Huge (you can make a lot of money with its help)

Would I Buy Again:      Yeah

Learning Curve:      The app is straightforward if you know what you are doing

Who Is It For:     Day traders, stock market fans

What I Like:     It’s really snappy and has great data

What I Don’t Like:     A version for bigger screens would be nice

Final Statement:     A great app for day traders!

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