Three amigos, or Gimmie proof!

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A friend has asked the quintessential question again.  Which is actually a good thing don’t get us wrong.  We love to dive into new data and discuss the uses and abuses of financial tech tools.  So here we go.  By the way, the quintessential question is:  ‘How do I know that your Vira stuff is… Read more »

Stat test part 2. The upside potential

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Ok, lets re-visit the subject of the statistical proof ‘or tests’ that we did when developing our method.  Like I have mentioned before, I am sometimes asked to provide proof of the certainty of Viracocha.  Well I don’t possess a crystal ball, and I am prepared to argue that nobody else does.  But what we… Read more »

The statistical test, well… one of them.

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Yes, I am aware of what Disraeli said about stats. But the beauty on this particular testing protocol is that it has nothing to do with all the other tests that I have seen around in the financial world. This one is coming from what I consider to be the basis of the statistical testing:… Read more »