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Please find the download here

Vira fix download

Some instructions
1. Download the zip folder
2. Extract to the C drive, so you will have a ViraApp folder in C
3. Run the application ‘the one with our Viracocha logo’ from the ViraApp folder
4. It will then show a simple window where you can write the ticker
5. American tickers seem to work without market ‘last name’
6. Other markets can be found too, but it may take a bit of jiggery pokery-ing around with the ticker name
7. We’ve found that using the Yahoo convention works most of the time. For instance an Australian stock will be RIO.AX
8. The software does not have lost of bells and whistles, this is a fix we did quickly as we are working through some of the same issues that crashed our app as ichart was part of our data source (darnitt!). So you only see the little ‘loading’ icon from your computer, and after 20 secs or so it will finish loading
9. The data will be stored in your C:\Users\Public\Documents as a comma separated file

Thats it!

I know there is a lot of cynicism out there but there is no hidden agenda here. We only want to provide this (because we are a bit cheesed about the failure actually) and we hope to get some attention and traffic to our app. That is the truth. So the app has no hidden magical big brother anything, it just does what it does… most of the time.

We hope it helps. We are working through some workarounds for our apps and tech tools. So for any of the users that have the Vira Finance app please bear with us. We will issue a release asap.

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