Vira Finance – New release for US markets

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We have released the Vira Fiance update in Android. The app is now getting the historical data for US markets. Unfortunately we have not been able to get all the other markets to the deadline for this release. We are placing this one out now and we will get back to work on sources. If… Read more »

Vira Finance 1.4.0 – New release for iPad is ready!

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We have released our iPad version this week!  It took us a bit to get it together but it is out and ready now.  We have also been very busy doing research and design on some new features of ‘gamification’ (yes that is a word that people use). So more on that later.  

In the words of Neo: ‘Upgrades’

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Yes, it is that time of the cycle again. The time where we small application owners have to do the rounds and accommodate the ‘planned obsolescence’ regimes of the great big ones. Our app crashed a couple of weeks ago, and we have been working on a solution pronto! So Viracocha will be back –… Read more »

Viracocha 1.2.1 – out now

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We have a new upgrade that fixed the API issue that was giving us all sorts of dramas when retrieving share information.  Now it is out and ready to go.  Thanks for the feedback and the patience.  

The crazy ride, and Apple

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Hi, We have experienced some really crazy data behaviour over the past three weeks or so.  Some of the shares, specially the Australian ones, were showing data that was just off.  We were monitoring this closely and did testing on our end, but it was the raw data coming from our source.  And then, after… Read more »

Upgrade to iOS7 and the free version!

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Hello, Here are the latest upgrades to our application. VIRA Finance 1.2 – We just did the upgrade of the app to allow working with the new iOS7.  If you have, like me, a device that is stuck in iOS6 then the best thing to do is not upgrade to 7. And finally!! The free… Read more »

Vira 1.1.0 is here! A brief history of upgrades

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Here is a brief history of our Vira Finance releases so far in the Apple iOS. 1.0.0 Hello world! Our very first release, just for Apple iOS. We hit the Apple market first due to sheer economic reasons, and we learned along the way about how to and how not to put an app out… Read more »